Artist bio

The often vivid bold themes in R.Cliquet's works have in common the artist's fascination for nature elements which is expressed through an experimental blend of shapes and abstract figures.

Born and raised in the first Brazilian city, São Vicente, located on the southern coast of São Paulo, R.Cliquet moved to Perth, the capital of Western Australia in 2008 at the age of 23 and has travelled all around world ever since to absorb references from ancient indigenous cultures to modern street art as an inspiration for his style.

With a solid background in design, his graphic & digital work for organisations such as Government of Western Australia, Australian Red Cross and iiNet have been seen and experienced by millions of people over the past 14 years, but it was only recently that R.Cliquet found in pastel painting a way to truly explore his passion for colourful moving forms more freely.

“I believe that one thing takes to another so i just let the painting reveal itself out by respecting all the traces and mistakes along the way while i enjoy finding the balance of it all." - R.Cliquet says when explaining his artistic thinking approach.